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For business class pricing of your complex international trip, please fill out our business class quote form and one of our personal travel consultants will get back to you within 2 business days with a quote.

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Upper Class, Club Class, Premeir Class, whatever an airline wants to call it, we will help you through the maze of internaltional business class products to ensure you get the best available solution to match your needs to your budget. Planning your around the world or multi-stop flights is a blanacing act. You have to consider airline quality, availability, routing efficiency, fligh schedules, and of course, price difference for each flight. We are not beholden to specific alliance airlines. We will costomize your trip with airlines and routes that make the most sense for you.


Of course we won't know your exact price until you get into the details with one of our personal travel consultants, but to start with, you could have fun creating trip scenerios in our TripPlanner. A good rule of thumb for our custom business class RTW prices is to budget three to four times the coach fare. By comparison, the starting prices of Alliance RTW fares range from $8,800 to $10,855 if you can stick to their lowest mileage band. Add on to that $500-$1500 in taxes and fuel surcharges. Since your trip with AirTreks is custom, you'll be able to decide flight by flight when you want to pay extra to fly a five start airline, or when you would pay less by flying coach on a shorter flight. We can also advise you on premium economy or first class options if you're interested.


We know you probably belong to at least one loyalty program, so earning miles is important to you. SkyTeam, OneWorld, and the Star Alliance offer great around-the-world products, but, we like to think we can do better. Give us your required cities and dates and more often than not, we can come up with a fare that will knock a few thousand off the alliance prices and still let you earn your miles. If we can't, we'll be honest about it and refer you to the airlines directly.

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